Why Gyms Should Ask for Web-Based Apps

Gym goers don't want another app installed on their phones

I said "they" but I really mean "myself". Last time I was at ClimbingGym1, which uses MindBody. Upon checking in I opened their membership app. It turned out to be ClimbingGym2, which shares a similar color scheme but otherwise looks exactly the same because they also use MindBody. The receptionist did not show his amuse and told me oh that's ClimbingGym2 (who was going to merge their app with ClimbingGym1 anyway). I was slightly embarrassed and promptly searched and opened ClimbingGym1 instead.

What's wrong with having a QR code to a website? It scans to open my default mobile browser, which should already have my credentials from cookies.

Do native apps have their costs justified?

Actually what's the benefit of having an app installed on users' phones? It takes up their phone space, but do gyms use any native-only functionalities?

The distribution of native apps is not free. Normally platforms have to charge an additional couple hundred dollars a year for platform distribution like AppStore.

From my perspective, native apps benefit the platform more than the gyms.