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  • Building Website for a CrossFit Gym

    After more than a decade, I've got my hands back at building a website for someone else -- a CrossFit gym. Lots of new and old experience and learning along the way.

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  • Use DOM and CSS in Place of React Stateful Variables for Performance-Sensitive UI

    A little tip from implementing a set of stacked headers of varying height.

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  • Intermediate States for PC, Tablets and Keyboard Navigation

    Recently, I've been working to adopt our PC app onto tablets for acceptable user experience. There are two main challenges that I've encountered, one is regarding how to scale such a complex app to fit a smaller screen securely; the other is discussed here, some thoughts about gestures on tablets because of the implied differences in how users interact with the tablets.

    I've followed up a relevant topic later on about on focus indicator. When put together, both are about how users interact with the app and its intermediate state. And it's nice to find a simple solution that address the situation properly, including hovering, focus, gesture on tablets, and accessibility for keyboard users.

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  • 4 Years as Front End

    Today marks the 4th year anniversary of my working full time as a front end developer. Before this, I've never done anything consistently past two years other than my college major. I also find some interesting alignment with a college life so here's a personal chronicle.

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  • Breed Dinosaur or Ant?

    This week, one project I worked on involved recreating a doc site inside Ant Design's repo using its existing docs. Ant Design already has a doc site, building on top of which is a default option on the table. But I was also given the freedom to explore other options and so I've taken the liberty of diving into Docusaurus.

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  • Night Mode with Mix Blend Mode

    A little CSS-based dark mode toggle idea that went viral.

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