Web Safe Fonts


As I work on the new, vanilla look of my blog, I bothered myself looking out from web safe fonts for the site.

It may be of a surprise, but the list of web safe fonts is pretty difficult to determine.

The caveat is that the different platforms ship with different fonts.


MacOS + Windows have the follows, but not Unix+X:

(Ref. Safe web fonts by jmorzins ~mit)


3 only:


See list here: iOS Fonts

Selected common / classic fonts:

Sans Serif



In conclusion & implementation notes

Everybody has these:

If we ignore Unix, we can expand the list with:

But, when taking into consideration of mobile OS, the choice is very limited, and extra limited for monospace. So we need to provide alternatives.

It could be helpful thinking this way: font-family: (primary selection), (alternative for iOS), (don't need to specify for Android), (genre of the font), i.e.:

font-family: Georgia, serif; 

Or, in case of the monospace situation:

font-family: Monaco, Menlo, monospace;